Ford F-150 Tremor vs Lightning

Ford Tremor ecoboost

Ford Tremor ecoboost

Ford has finally introduced what many people have been asking for!.Its an ecoboost engine with a single cab shortbox truck.Until 2014 you could only get the ecoboost in an extended cab version.It looks like this truck will not have an upgraded motor but it will still be a solid tire shredding 365 hp & 420 ftlb torque.The rear gears will be pushing a 4:10 ratio that should pull this thing out of the whole pretty quick at around 6 seconds.Its not certain what the quarter-mile times will be but the truck should run at least a low 14 second pass.Its a great looking package that should attract a lot of buyers looking for a bit of performance,and still haul their toys around at the same time.

Now lets not mistake the Ford Tremor for an SVT Lightning.The lightning is a lot lighter than the Tremor with 380 hp & 450 ftlb torque.The supercharger on the lightning pulls the truck out of the whole real quick at under 5 seconds and can run the quarter in the low 13 second range, and that’s off the showroom floor.The lightning has numerous mods that can be purchased to increase power and torque and at a very reasonable cost,without tearing apart your motor to add cams and heads.A simple tune,exhaust and intake upgrade and the truck is close to the 500 hp range for just over a grand.Thats very impressive for a truck.Im sure that the ecoboost will catch up, it’s just a matter of time.Once all the tuners get going on this turbo motor the aftermarket will be just as good and as comparable to whats out there now for all the SVT cars and trucks.The turbo has an advantage due to the free horsepower that the exhaust puts out,where the supercharger can get heat soaked at times.
All in all they are both great trucks but i think a lightning should come back to existence, maybe throw a supercharged coyote in the engine bay! now that would be awesome.
Red Lightning

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