The new Mustang Fastback

By: Eduardo Parise2015 mustang ragtop

2015 Ford Mustang preview.

Video: 2014 SHELBY VS 2014 ROUSH STAGE 3

The 2015 Mustang is coming whether we like it or not.The Mustang has had an amazing run based on its 2005 retro styling that changed slightly through the years.This model is going to be probably the most beloved of all time,but we wont know for another 30 years if this holds true.
If Ford gets it right the Mustang will sell like hot cakes.The rumors are a 475 hp coyote in the Mustang GT.
Other options will include an Ecoboost engine with around 300 hp.Independent rear suspension will be the new norm, on the Mustang.
I’m sure that Roush,Saleen and Shelby already have it sitting in their shops trying to fit all their new components.
Lets hope for a great design that brings us to a new era of Mustang, but its one of those things like, untill you see it coming at you down the road your decision will be made on your likes or dislikes.
I have full confidence that Ford will pull it off just like they did with the BOSS and SVT divisions, the people working there are die-hard mustang fans.

2015 Boss

2015 Boss

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