2015 Barracuda SRT….OH YA

This has been a long-awaited theme car that the muscle car crowd needs asap.Every year it’s getting more like the 60’s & 70’s with more and more competition and choices.Chrysler has a few concepts out there to see the publics reaction…Well the reaction has been overwhelming…We need this car for historical reasons.The 70 Hemi Cuda is probably the most iconic musclecar ever produced.Very few cars are in its league,you could say the 69 Camaro ZL1,AC Cobra 427 and the 70 Boss 429 are the only comparables.
When you see and hear a Hemi Cuda in person you will understand why the new concept must be approved.I can guarantee Ralph Gilles of SRT will make sure this car is a show stopper.
We would like to see SRT do a few tricks to the Cuda, like Ford did with the new Boss 302.
Time will tell, but it sure is a great time in automotive history right now and we don’t even realize whats happening. It’s exactly what happened in the 60’s.
So just sit back and enjoy the ride, cause its gonna get a lot faster.

Cuda Concept ?

Cuda Concept ?

As you probably know by now many concepts have appeared on the web.I don’t think that it will be this radical but you never know what could happen in the Mopar camp. If Plymouth is resurrected it is going to be one bad ass muscle car…Gauranteed….Oh ya and its a 2 door unlike the Charger.One thing about Mopar cars that stands true, is that you can be a Chevy enthusiast or a Ford Fan,but most of those guys & gals all think Mopars are cool.Mopar cars are definitely different,but in a good way.When can I order one!

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